Filipino Community of Seattle

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Youth Development 

Youth Development Programs

Computer Training and Robotics – STEAM Program


During the school year and the summer, the FCS conducts its STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math) classes for youths of all ages. With portable computers, software, and hi-tech company volunteers, the FCS will be launching a Robotics training program at three middle and high schools in Southeast Seattle this year.


KALAHI Performing Group


Every Saturday morning at the Filipino Community Center our younger students learn skills and moves of our traditional folk dances doing performances within and beyond our community. In addition, these young people begin to forge lifelong relationships based on our Filipino culture and values.


Family & Individual Learning


A key feature of KALAHI is the partnering of both parents and children in learning and performing our traditional dances. This pairing helps build the intergenerational bond and contributes to the enjoyment of the cultural learning process.


TAGALOG Language Classes


Language is the heart of any culture and keeps its speakers in touch with our homeland, the Philippines, not to mention its inter-generational bridging between child and parent. Attending these classes are youth, both born in the Philippines and here in the USA.