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Social, Arts & Culture Program


FCS Kalahi Philippine Dance Company is

a Filipino American folk dance group for children and adults. This group is part of the Filipino Community of Seattle Family Academy program which promotes family participation and involvement in education, culture and arts. It empowers our families and students to be proactive in community and school affairs.

Family as well as Individual Learning

A key feature of KALAHI is the partnering of both parents and children in learning and performing our traditional dances. This pairing helps build the intergenerational bond and contributes to the enjoyment of the cultural learning process. We believe that when parents are involved, the children perform better in school and other activities.

KALAHI Performing Group

Every Saturday morning and Thursday evening at the Filipino Community Center, our younger students alongside with their parents, learn the skills and moves of our traditional folk dances and do performances within and beyond our community.

In addition, these young people and their family begin to forge

lifelong relationships based on our Filipino culture and values.

Folklife, Pagdiriwang , Celebrate Asia, Boeing, Microsoft, Immaculate Conception

Church, a couple more places...

They are FCS ambassadors..