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FC Village

Our Passion

& Pride

The Filipino Community Village of Seattle is a first of its kind project that will provide 95-units of affordable, low-income housing to seniors as well as an expanded science-technology-engineering-arts-math (STEAM) program to youth.  The Village will be an expansion of the current Filipino Community Center of Seattle that was founded in 1935.


We are pioneering a model that integrates our culturally specific social service agency with housing for seniors, along with a safe learning environment and space for our youth.


The Village will have 5 stories with 95 units of affordable housing for seniors, many of whom struggle with cultural isolation, loneliness and are burdened with the increasing cost of housing.


The Village will also house the Innovation Learning Center; a state-of-the-art computer laboratory providing technological access for all young people in the Rainier Valley, including robotics and science-technology-engineering-arts-math (STEAM) program.  It will be an inspirational and educational center for our youth.  The center is open to everyone needing access to computers and technical assistance.

  • 95 - units of affordable housing to seniors

  • 4,900 sq.ft. Youth Innovation Learning center, a dedicated space for youth to learn about technology, science and arts through a developed STEAM program.

  • Updated Staff office space

  • Computer Room for residences

  • 34 Parking spaces

  • Common areas for residences and their guests to socialize

  • Balcony-level Residence-run P-Patch

  • Multi-purpose community space for health screening, community meetings and childcare

  • Cultural heritage activities and classes for youth and families to learn and rediscover their language, music, arts and customs