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Are you a U.S. citizen, or do you have a Visa permitting you to work in the U.S.? (Documentation of authorization to work in the U.S. will be required if an offer of employment is made and accepted.)
Are you 18 years or older? (If no, employment is subject to minimum legal age requirements.)
Do you have a Non-Compete, Non-Disclosure, or other agreement that might restrict your employment with us?
Have you ever previously applied to or been employed by this company?
Were you known by any other name at any job or school listed on this application?
Have you been convicted of a felony or released from prison within the past 10 years for an offense that may reasonably relate to the job duties of the position for which you are applying? (A conviction may not necessarily disqualify you from employment.)

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Filipino Community of Seattle is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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Invest in Your Community

Build the Community Plaza With Us!

It's never too late to etch your legacy in stone!

Memorialize loved ones, honor friends and family, or commemorate special occasions by purchasing a personalized, engraved brick. Your brick will be displayed in our new Plaza. These laser-engraved pavers are guaranteed for life, with permanent ink that never wears away. Best of all, your tax deductible contribution will help complete the tenant improvement of the Innovation Learning Center.

Innovation Learning Center is a state-of
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