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FCS Kalahi Dance Group members. FCS Kalahi is part of the Filipino Community of
Programs & Services

Develop. Grow. Succeed.

Today, more than 7,500 community members turn to FCS each month for food, educational support and mentorship, social interaction, counseling and support.


We also play an important role as a cultural home for the Filipino Community as well as immigrants, refugees and others throughout Southeast Seattle.

Build the Community Plaza With Us!

It's never too late to etch your legacy in stone!

Memorialize loved ones, honor friends and family, or commemorate special occasions by purchasing a personalized, engraved brick. Your brick will be displayed in our new Plaza. These laser-engraved pavers are guaranteed for life, with permanent ink that never wears away. Best of all, your tax deductible contribution will help complete the tenant improvement of the Innovation Learning Center.

Innovation Learning Center is a state-of
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