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Filipino Community Village is an affordable housing solution for seniors provided by the ...tle.jpeg
Filipino Community Village

Filipino Community Village provides affordable, low-income housing to seniors and the bottom floor is the Innovation Learning Center (ILC), which focuses on STEAM programming for youth.

About FCV

Designed by Rolluda Architects and built by Beacon DevelopmentHuman Good, the Filipino Community Village is a first of its kind that will provide  affordable, low-income housing to seniors as well as an expanded science-technology-engineering-arts-math (STEAM) program to youth.  The Village will be an expansion of the current Filipino Community Center that was purchased in 1965 and renovated in 2008.

We are pioneering a model that integrates our culturally specific social service programs with housing for seniors, along with a safe learning environment and space for our youth. The Village will have 5 stories with 95 units of affordable housing for seniors, many of whom struggle with cultural isolation, loneliness, and are burdened with the increasing cost of housing. The Village will feature:

  • Updated staff office space

  • Computer room for residences

  • 34 parking spaces

  • Common areas for residences and their guests to socialize

  • Balcony-level garden

  • Multi-purpose community space for health screening, community meetings and childcare

  • Cultural heritage activities and classes for youth and families to learn and rediscover their language, music, arts and customs


Get Ready to Move In

New, Affordable 55+ Community

It’s not always easy to find a good senior living property on your own, let alone an affordable one. That’s why we’ve partnered with Human Good to help with your search.


Click the link below to find the latest information about the Filipino Community Village . We want to do more than just find you a place to live; we want to help you find a community that you will be happy to call home. 

Explore the Kern-Veloria Plaza Mural

Use the link below to learn more about the mural, the artist and the many details within the artwork itself.

DISCLAIMER: The contents of the artwork and the accompanying narratives written by the artist solely reflect the views of the artist and do not reflect the official views or policies of the Kern-Veloria Plaza Mural Committee or the Filipino Community of Seattle.

Build the Community Plaza With Us!

It's never too late to etch your legacy in stone!

Memorialize loved ones, honor friends and family, or commemorate special occasions by purchasing a personalized, engraved brick. Your brick will be displayed in our new Plaza. These laser-engraved pavers are guaranteed for life, with permanent ink that never wears away. Best of all, your tax deductible contribution will help complete the tenant improvement of the Innovation Learning Center.

Innovation Learning Center is a state-of
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