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The Filipino Community of Seattle is holding its Virtual Gala on October 24th at 6PM. To join is free but please register with this link: so the organizers can send you the details of the event.

Funds raised at this event will be used to deliver the culturally appropriate program services FCS is known for: Senior Lunch and Food Bank, Youth Development, Social Arts and Culture, and many others. More than ever, FCS needs your support. Like many other communities, the Filipinx has been affected by the pandemic and the needs of the community continue to grow.

The hosts for the gala are the amazing duo, Aleksa Manila and Arnaldo Inocentes. With these two running the show, you can expect a fun-filled 90 minutes event. I heard Arnaldo! Drag Chanteuse will be performing, so look forward to an enjoyable performance. The keynote speaker is Vice Admiral (Ret) Racquel C Bono, MD. She’s the person Gov. Inslee tapped to help the state manage the pandemic. A Filipina the community can really be proud of. Listen to what she will share.

Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil will have a cameo during the gala. LizQuen (their tandem name) are famous Philippine actors who love FCS.

FCS is honoring some folks who have done great things for the Filipinx community with the Bayanihan Awards, and is giving the Board of Directors Lifetime Achievement award to Alma Kern to recognize her dedication to uplift the lives of Filipinx and Filipinx Americans.

And, there will be a virtual auction where you can find many gift items. The holidays are coming, you might find appropriate gifts for someone dear to you… BTW, there are some maskbowls crafted by Imperfect Pinoy Potter* that you might want to bid on.

Hope to see you at the virtual gala. Again, registration is at

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