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Seattle City Council Recognizes FCS in their 2023-2024 Budget Allocations!

Budget Chair Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda was happy to announce that the Seattle City Council passed the 2023-2024 Biennium Budget on Wednesday, November 30th. A long-time friend and advocate of FCS, Councilmember Mosqueda was pleased to confirm that the budget invests over half-a-billion dollars into affordable housing over the next two years. This includes funds to support affordable housing development projects like our Filipino Community Village and Equitable Development Initiatives with specific reference to our Innovative Learning Center.

“My team has been hard at work monitoring ongoing developments, interfacing with trusted community partners, and working in collaboration with Council Central Staff to crunch the numbers and craft amendments." - Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda

This is great news for our community! With funding from the State of Washington and City of Seattle, the Filipino Community Village (FCV) opened 94 units of affordable housing units to seniors in this last year. FCS Innovative Learning Center is located on the ground floor of the FCV and provides afterschool programming for K through 12th-grade students, computer use and technology classes for seniors, and high-level technology infrastructure building classes for previously incarcerated people in partnership with the Equity in Education Coalition.

“These investments into affordable housing and EDI initiatives are deeply needed in the City of Seattle, particularly for BIPOC communities who are facing the greatest displacement pressures and disproportionate rates of housing insecurity and homelessness. That is why we have been advocating for the ongoing funding included in this budget. These needed resources will help break down barriers to affordable housing and build wealth by and for communities most at risk. Funding will help the FCS fulfill its promise to build affordable housing for working families in South Seattle, and help bring long-term stability, resilience, and cohesion to our community in the years to come.” - Velma Veloria, FCS Bayanihan/SBRN Lead, Retired WA State 11th Legislative District Representative

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